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Dream One Dream

The Elders tell us that our dreams are often more important than our waking lives. In the morning at Hopiland first thing the Grandmothers and Grandfather Chief Dan Evehema would ask is, "Did you have a Dream" and then we would share dreams. Often they would be very spectacular due to some special ceremony being held on the Mesa, sometimes they would be very personal, always meaningful to them and me.

The old ones say, much of our reality in this waking world is manifest in our Dream World. We have worked with Spiritual leaders, local California Tribes, Lakota and Spiritual roots with the Hopi Elders,and others. They all have explained, if people want to send mischief to situations and keep them off balance, Dream Time is the place they start. So the purpose of our "Dream One Dream" section is to undue mischief and create Harmony. Our prayer and intention in this Global prayer work is to establish a Lasting Peace on Earth, Compassion and Unity for all mankind as ONE human family, in the Spirit of Creator (Gods) Love.

One focus of this prayer Dream energy will be directed to Hopiland as a protection to preserve their culture. Another is directed to World Government and Spiritual Leaders around the world. Especially the UN and Big Business. As the Prayers reach these holy chambers at Hopiland and then radiate back out to the world a new glow of light will be seen from our Mother Earth as healing and unity begins.

Indigenous people the world over know the power of prayer. Working with the Elements, Seasons and Moons we too will join them in "Dream One Dream" to touch the World Leaders with compassion and Love. Our prayer is the Guardian Spirit will touch, these people in powerful positions, who presume to own the world, with the beauty of a sun set or sun rise, a moon, a mountain, a tree, a river, a ocean, a child, a wife, a life. Something to make them "Human- Beings."

Most of us are not privileged to go to the magnificent ceremonies on the Pueblos, however we hope this year to have friends around the Globe to send good thoughts and prayers to these age old Ceremonials so they will endure and continue to light our path to wholeness and balance.

These ceremonies and ceremony chambers are in danger of extinction and our elders need your prayers and good thoughts to continue. We can go there in our Dreams, and many people do. Will you take our hand and pray with us in our dream time?

This is what the Great Spirit has given us to share. We can not teach you how to be a HOPI or Native American or Indigenous person. Although if the truth is known everyone's roots are there if they look back far enough. The darkest kept secret of today's modern world is, "there is no secret". Be that as it may, a truth for each to find on their own, we will just share what is well published and the Spiritual Guidance from the Creator to you.

November is the perfect month to start our work as that is when the beginning preparations of the Winter Ceremonies at Hopiland will begin. In our secular world we have Thanksgiving and Harvest ceremony. The Hopi Elders explain that their secret of harmony and longevity has been that they work as a unit, being of one mind and one heart. This does not mean they are not wonderfully individual, they are, this means in community things, prayer life for soft gentle rain and well being of humanity, they are of One Mind and One Heart.

As we begin our work please feel free to contact us and let us know how you are doing and what you are doing in your community. If you are the shy type and are working alone that is okay too. Just as in our "Medicine Shield Workshops, for Rainbow Hoops for the Seventh Generation" know we are unlocking your very own "Spiritual DNA" and even though we give you and the whole world the same instructions, no one, absolutely no one is YOU. The symbols will be collective in instruction but your interpretation will be so personal, the code will be virtually untellable to negative forces, especially if you keep them to your self.

So our "Dream One Dream" work will move with the Seasons and Moon Cycles. We will provide a outline and then each month we will give in depth information on how to set your altar. Special prayer times, special prayers, so we will be in unity. This will be in addition to your own unique style also.

It is unfortunate at this time I must add, any of this information being used for monetary gain with out the express written permission of Touch The Earth Foundation & Hopi Spiritual Leaders, would be very much unappreciated and appropriate actions would be insured. We do encourage you to share prayers with your family and community in the spirit of Love.

November Dream
November: sparrow hawk, The fields for the following year's planting are cleared of brush.

November is generally considered to open the Hopi year, we will call this First November of Dream one Dream, the "New Fire Ceremony". We have just left the October Moon, carrying the burden basket. Some call it "the corn husking moon".

"New Fire Ceremony"

Before we build the "New Fire" we should make room for all the new prayers and dreams we are going to nurture all winter so I suggest you look to our prayer site and use the "SunPrayer" to purify yourself and become a vessel for the work of the Creator to be in and through your life. Using sage, incense, cedar, copal or even perfume to clear your area is most helpful. Remember, sweet spirits like sweet smelling things. And this being the case, the counter part must be true too.

Take time to create a sacred space in your home or community that will not be disturbed for the whole month cycle.


Below is information on how to help you in your personal lives. The tips can be used at will, however, it is important to note that the prayer ceremonies contain certain energies which are brought in, and also must be released. If you choose to perform the ceremony, and we do hope you do, you must make sure you perform the whole ceremony, so as to release the energies properly. All prayers are in italics.

Dream work can be as simple as a note pad and a peace of paper. Or as elaborate as your Imagination and allotted time will lead you. We will give you some examples of both, then of course you will have your own ideas on how it will be for you and your loved ones. Although this blue print will help you remember all the steps you must take to have a most productive and fruitful prayers.

The important part of this prayer work is, do not leave it all a verbal or mind process. You must, in the privacy of your own home, (if you are shy) take the pin or colors to the paper and repeat these words. We are being given gifts out of the Spiritual world and Manifesting to the physical world. A system of Unity and Love. As it was promised, if we reach our hands up our Holy Ancestors will reach down. I promise you that your symbols will be recognized by the Spirit world. It doesn't have to be recognized by any one in the physical. It could be better if it is not, actually.

We all should have a note pad at our bed side. If you can find a picture of our Mother Earth without boundaries. Like the one shot from outer space this would be a very good visual to dream our Mother Earth as a beautiful young maiden. The elders tell us our borders and divisions of the planet are part of our human divisions and separation.

Also, make a round circle on a peace of paper with enough room to fill in the instructions which you will receive in the following prayer. The more creative types who are already artists can and may make their Hopi Peace Dreaming Shields. We will give you the format and then as you work with the material your intuition will lead you to what is best.

The essence of this Dreaming is the Elders statement "Together With all Nations We Hold This World In Balance." Notice the symbol on their Newsletter Pages.

Each quadrant will represent one of the Original root races of Humanity. Together with this dreaming we know from these original family units. And now we have intermarried and have the Rainbow World we live in. Human Beings can not continue, separate from our spiritual selves, separate from each other, we are ONE. If we continue with out the Sprit we will not survive. Finding a common ground where we can remember our roots, "Together in the Beginning, Together to the End", will bring a state of peace too few have never known.

On your round sheet of paper, as you look down on it, visualize a line which will cut in half and then in fourths. The lines should be from North to South and East to West.

Each tribe or family of indigenous people use something of this sort. I also found out in a wedding, I helped officiate, at Saint James Church in London, the Archangels are called in the same way. In order not to over step anyone's sacred trust, the Guiding Spirits gave this instruction to me for our use through Touch The Earth Foundation and to pass on. The reason I mention this is, If you have *more in-depth knowledge please use it. If you are of a local Native American *Tribe or if you have that lineage please use your own wisdoms specialized for your area, or our beloved Angles or guardians of other spiritual thoughts as well. To all, please use your own symbols along with this Dreaming. I will give you the animal symbols we use in our public work, for unity however you can add your special touch.

Remember the symbols are personal, but the Dream is Collective. Using different symbols of faith along with our Collective Dream focused Together and our prayer with the Elders, wonderful things could happen as"Together we Dream One Dream."

Once you have your materials, and have saged or cleared your work area with sweet grass, incense light a little candle for prayer and purification. Bring a cool glass of spring water, sometimes we play some wonderful Spiritual music too. It is nice to build a little altar of food and other sacred items important to you. The spirits might get hungry, you too! If your are confused let us know and we will guide you through.

The Sun Prayer

The prayer we use to start is like this: (English and School version)

You who are the source of all power,
Your rays illuminate the whole world,
Illuminate our hearts also,
So we too, may do your work.

Oh, Holy Ancestors, Grandmother and Grandfather, we come before you once again in the humblest way we know how, in the image of our Ancestors. We ask that you look into our hearts and see we are calling to you to help us be more like you in good and pure ways.

Oh, Holy Ancestors please rap your Robes of protection around us as we come to you, we your children. We are small and week with out your assistance, love and guidance.

We, call to the sprits of the South and the Holy Ancestors of the Red tribes of people, we ask that they come with their wisdom. Guardian spirits of the animals and the Mother Earth, we see you here with us now. Oh, Grandmother Badger, thank you for bringing the healing herbs, songs and prayers. Thank you for coming.

We, call to the spirits of the West and the Holy Ancestors of the Black tribes, and we ask that they come with their wisdom. Guardian spirits of strength and tenacity, we see you here with us now. Oh Great Black Bear, will you show us what is dark in the world and in our lives without allowing us to become Black in Spirit? Thank you for coming.

We, call to the spirits of the North and the Holy Ancestors of the White tribes and we ask that they come with their wisdom. Guardian spirits of order and cleanliness, we see you here with us now. Oh Great White Buffalo, we thank you for bringing Truth and purity, and the Wisdom of the Elders in our time of change. Thank you for coming.

We, call to the spirits of the East and the Holy Ancestors of the Yellow tribes and we ask that they come with their wisdom. Guardian spirits of the family and traditions, we see you here with us now. Oh, great Eagle we thank you for coming. Give us your sight to see things from the highest spiritual vision and carry out prayers to the Great Mystery and our Father the Sun. Thank you for coming.

We, call to the spirits of the Sky Nation and all the Holy Ancestors gone along the shining way, the unborn to the seventh generation. We ask for your protection and guidance. We wish to leave you a world more beautiful than when we walked the sacred paths. We ask for you to guard us from the sacred fires in the camps of our ancestors, who have gone before us leaving foot prints for those to follow. We are grateful to have such a loving father.

We, call to the Earth our Mother, and all the plant and animal spirits. We ask that you take our healing prayers and desire. We kneel before you in wonder at your love and abundance. We pray for all those who do not know you, may they be touched by your site, as a beautiful young maiden. We are nothing with out you, for our very bodies come from your gifts by way of our daily food. Our spirit comes from our Father in the sky nations, and we are blessed to know you both.

We, call to the Center of all being and we pray in humble ways that we may live our life in well balanced and centered ways. May we become the worthy hollow space for the wonders of the Holy Ancestors to work in, through and around us. May all our centers meet in the great dream. The Dream of One Dream, In Peace, In Gods Love, In our Mothers heart. "Together With All Nations We Hold This World In Balance."

For it is You who are the source of all power,
Your rays illuminate the whole world,
Illuminate our hearts also,
So we too may do your work.

On your paper create symbols which relate to the prayers you have just recited. The components are as follows:

South, a symbol for the Red People of the Planet and the trust and innocence. JOY of the Children.

West, a symbol of the Black People of the Planet and the challenges. JOY of the adolescence.

North, a symbol of the White People and the challenges. JOY of being a adult.

East, a symbol of the Yellow People and the elders and family challenges. JOY of being a Elderly, Elder.

Create a symbol for the Mother Earth,(female) Father Sky,(male) in balance. And the Great Spirit, Creator, God, or whatever name you choose for the unnamable.

In the very center of your circle place a symbol representing you.

On the Back of the Shield mark a symbol for Hopiland. A cloud symbol, Corn, rain, you will know what is right for you. This will empower your shield and also direct positive energy to Hopiland as well as Peace and Harmony for one and all.

Well grounded and Happy to be alive on the Earth Mother.

Once you are finished with our creation you must say the prayers again, and send all the energy and spirits back to their spirit home. This is a MUST. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU HAVE TIME TO DO THE WHOLE CEREMONY. This is important, to enable the unwinding of the energy.

You say them backwards,

Thank you guiding spirits of the center of my being. We are happy you came and we see you carrying our prayers to the middle place. Our Holy Grandfathers are Smiling and our Grandmothers are dancing along the shining way.

Thank you guiding spirits of the Earth our Mother. We are happy you came and we see you carrying our prayers to your spirit home. We see the Holy Grandfathers, they are smiling and our Grandmothers are dancing along the shining way.

Thank you guiding spirits of the East, Great Eagle, for loaning us your sight, we see you carrying our prayers to your spirit home. We see the Holy Grandfathers, they are smiling and or Grandmothers are dancing along the shining way.

Thank you guiding spirits of the North, Great White Buffalo, for showing us wisdom and purity and abundance. We see the Holy Grandfathers, they are smiling and the Grandmothers are dancing along the shining way.

Thank you guiding spirits of the West, Great Black Bear, for showing us what is dark in this world and in our heart, without allowing us to be Black in Spirit. Work with us in dreams to show us how we to can be strong. We see the Holy Grandfathers of the West, they are smiling and the Grandmothers are dancing along the shining way.

Thank you guiding spirits of the South, Mother Badger, for bringing the protection of the roots and healing songs and prayers. We see the Holy Grandfathers of the South, they are smiling and the Grandmothers are dancing along the shining way.

Oh, Great Holy Ancestors and the Sky Nation, we thank you for loaning us your Robes of protection and Love, and we ask that you look over us and protect us, your humble children. We kneel before you as you go to your spirit home. We see the Holy Grandfathers of the above worlds, yes they are smiling and the Grandmothers are dancing along the shining way.

Remember, "Together with all Nations We Hold This World In Balance."

"Dream One Dream"

We have been Blessed, we are ONE,
Thank you for coming to be our friends.

In service to the Holy Ancestors,
dep see mana


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