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Spiritual Ark

The prophecies, instructions and warnings given to us over 1,100 years ago by Maasaw can be viewed as a "Spiritual Ark" in theses troubling times. The Spiritual Ark that consists of carefully chosen thoughts, words, deeds and promises. The sharing and existence of this Ark, is what makes the giving of the prophecies understandable, and elevates the Hopi prophecies to equal, or possibly superior, standing with the rest of the prophetic field of information at this time.

We are reminded that however the Instructions, Warnings and the Prophecies were given first to the Hopis, they are also meant for all of us. Maasaw would not have told the Spiritual leaders to pass on the prophecies if he had not wanted the instructions and warnings to be passed on as well. The Traditionalist Elders of every generation have recognized this truth, and have faithfully fulfilled Maasaw's request that they pass the information on. As a matter of fact, they say they would rather be put to death than give up this mandate.

The Elders have said, "The vow which we made with Maasaw obligated us to follow his way of life. He gave the land to us to use and to care for through our ceremonial duties. He instructed us and showed us the Road Plan by which we must govern our lives. We wrote this pattern on a rock so that we would always be reminded to follow the straight road".

The main seeds of this concept has to do with self-sufficiency, so that no matter how the world goes in the months and years ahead, each of us will have enough to get by.

The Hopi People and Maasaw do not suggest that we limit ourselves to a digging stick and some seeds. What is hoped for is the development of an attitude among us that will lead to the kind of heartfelt relationship the Native Traditional especially the Hopi have with Mother Earth. From this intertwined relationship will come the motivation to see that our brothers and sisters the world over get their rightful portion of whatever we have.

It may be interesting that the Hopi prophecies do not mention the population problem. Perhaps this is because Maasaw knew that warfare, environmental changes, birth control, starvation and rampant diseases could easily reduce the population to where it never becomes a problem. Most certainly, and Armageddon type of World War III would play and effective part in accomplishing this. Looking at what is portended by our current world developments, it is possible the world population will never reach levels that are forecast. Many of the prophets who forecast future problems and a great "war to end all wars" say that only one third of humanity will survive these.

We are reminded the Creator admires beauty. Look at the world and the Universe. Maasaw and The Hopi admires beauty. All these teachings leads us to a beautiful life, Lulluma life, beautiful life. Through our ceremonials the Elders and children admire the beauty of the Kachina dance, woven garments , woven baskets, plaques and spirit gifts for all the village residents. The Hopi spiritual life is to walk in beauty and hold this world in balance with special ritual and song and certain times in the yearly cycle. So they have done as promised to this day and even in the prior three worlds before and up to now in the fourth world.

We look onto the world today and see Environmentalists who have undertaken countless individual projects to rescue the world. The sacrifices and risks must be admired and our hearts and prayers go to them in their efforts. The issues in the middle East, the nuclear tests sites the environmental impacts situations on every front. Yet its is clear by now that something more is needed to do the job. We can recycle, flush out waterways, save forests, conserve water, shut down chloroflurocarbons, cut down on other chemical, stop nuclear testing, save endangered species, control pollution, and do all the rest that is needed -----and it will still not be enough. We cannot save the world by simply plugging holes in the dike.

The Elders tell us that what human kind and human beings need is a change in attitude regarding life and environment. And how does this attitude change? From the cradle to the grave we must immerse ourselves in the Beauty of Mother Earth. We Must blend with her in the way the Traditionalist Hopi and all first people of this creation world. We remind you that the Hopis were given these prophecies and instructions they did not learn them on there own either. According to their personal testimony, the Pattern of Life that has been followed until today was only begun after the village of Oraibi was settled. When they met Maasaw and formed the agreement to be the caretakers of the Covenant and stone tablets.

ATTITUDE * According to the American Heritage Dictionary it is, "A state of mind or feeling with regard for a person or thing".

As we do all of these things the Creator advises us to, we will gain from them the wisdom, time, strength and assurance we need to survive. Especially to survive (or change) the ending , which so far promises to be cataclysmic, and will be unless we change it. So long as we live we can work to make our present and coming worlds the best they can be for our children and grandchildren. By becoming what the Hopi Elders are and making the right choices, we can influence the pace of the world's decline, the intensity of things that happen, and we can shape shift the cycle's ending. As we join hands with the Elders together with our new attitude, the mood of the world will change with us. At first, no one will even know it is happening. Every now and then the result will be sufficient for someone to see that a problem that existed before has disappeared. It will be gone.

Therefore, even in the midst of chaos there is hope and encouragement. The Hopi prophecies themselves make that clear. Even Nostradamus, after posing the specter of a devastating war to come in July of 1999, hold open the probability of worthwhile life continuing on after it.

WE are the humble servants of the Traditional Spiritual leaders of Hotevilla and Second Mesa and share this information with you freely over the cob webs in the sky as prophesied by Chief Kachongva the Nobel others after him. He was the one who insisted the movie showing all these ceremonial cycles are to be shared with the world. Chief Kachongva and Chief Dan Evehema are the ones who sign the permits to release this information to the world for we need your help now. Not only to maintain our own ceremonial cycles but for you to participate in your area and send peaceful loving energy to the Earth Mother and the Peace Makers and Thanksgiving for all land and life.


This life cycle, the elders say referring to the entire year of the cyclical events that together make up one great cycle, is also known as the ceremonial cycle. An ending and beginning or beginning and ending. A ending time of LIFE and a NEW LIFE. What they tell us is that life cycle is followed year after year. The ceremonies and the subsistence routine is done over and over again. When we reach the end of one cycle, we start a new one. Someone might decide this could be boring, but while the same routine is followed, the world around us is changing. We must constantly shape what we do to meet the world where it is. Also, our choices and behavior will effect the results of what we do. We will not know how it is going to turn out until we have done it. So we need to keep alert.

The old ones say "Maasau, the Great Spirit, had marked out this part of the land for the Hopi to live upon. We will not forget His spiritual knowledge and wisdom by which the Hopi are to take care of the land and feed His children whine communicating with the natural forces for their health. The Hopi must plant his seeds and watch them grow, hem must pay attention to the behavior of all life on earth. Any change or odd behavior will be the sign that the natural order of the earth is getting out of balance. Hopi believe that Hopiland is the Spiritual Center where changes will be visible to the trained mind and sight".

Meanwhile, here in Hopiland, the elders continue to wonder how the winter will fare with no crops to harvest this year.


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