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Celebrating Life: Thanksgiving - A Time of Rest and Renewal

The Elders tell us that "Hopi believe all life on our earth lives and goes by life cycles; therefore all must rest and renew for the coming cycle. Whatever it may bring, either good or bad, in some part depends on man's behavior. When this cycle ends, we give thanks to our guiding spirits and Mother Earth for their care. We give thanks for our health and nourishment, for completing the cycle with all life, and we pray and ask for the same during the coming new cycle. Now it is up to us to make this real. We must perform self analysis and change our behavior and character. We must not pretend to be something which we are not, which results in friction. We must not deceive our fellow man. Let us become realistic and establish a goal of the All-Powerful Creator, for we are not above His laws. Let him be the Judge according to His plan. Let us establish a goal of happiness and love. We must ready ourselves to serve and work for the Great Spirit, not in search of supremacy or superiority as a goal. That aim is not successful in reaching the purpose which we set out to do.

Never forget that Prayers are a regular part of everything the Traditionalist Hopi do in every season.

It is near Thanksgiving time when the initiations are in Hopiland. We can not tell you of these ceremonies. However, we can make a suggestion for you. Thanksgiving Holiday is a very good time to be thankful for our lifes passages that have preceeded through the year. We will count our blessings for our life passages. Special prayers of thanksgiving are offered for Births, Puberty, Adulthood, Elders and those who have gone along the Shining Way to a re-birth.

Often in one family many of these things happen in one year. It is a wonderful time of year to acknowledge all your family members and leave in the past that which belongs to the past, and bring the fruits of the years labor to the future.

In preparation for the Soyal Ceremony on 21 of December, our own house will be in order so we may begin praying for the World and Universal Balance.

On December 21 of each year, you and I will start all over by praying again for everyone and everything in the whole world. We will think again about self-sufficiency, and take whatever steps are necessary to maintain it. To accomplish this, save a few seeds from your crop to plant next spring. (For city dwellers, this could be cultivate your very best dreams or ideas.)

If you grew up in Hopiland, you would often hear the Grandmothers and Grandfathers saying: "Thank you. Thank you, my guiding spirit for the care in making it possible for me to complete this cycle. I wish to be here next year."

"I am saving these strong seeds from our Mother, the Corn to plant next spring. I wish to be the father and mother to this new life and these children, so our people will be strong. Asquali, Kawquai. Da, Da, thank you, thank you, it is finished, it is finished."

This Thanksgiving is not only for ourselves, it includes all life. We must all keep strong and pray that we all reach the end of this year's cycle with good health and peace.


Happy Thanksgiving!



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