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The Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing
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Hopi Traditional Speaks Out on Peabody Mining Company Voices From Our Ancestors and Our Great Creator

The first messenger to meet the Great Sprit in this world, the mockingbird, found him at high noon, but in his field, roasting corn. From the day the first people set foot on this land, they have lived from the food the Great Spirit offered them, and lived by his laws.

They were warned never to abandon the pattern He laid out for them, or they would upset the beautiful balance in nature and in mankind, and they would be doomed. Should the time ever come when no one is left who knows how to keep this delicate balance, all mankind would be bound toward self-destruction. For this reason they have clung to that pattern to this day, despite terrifying efforts to force them into a pattern of man-made law.

They were warned not to use violence in their struggle, for what would only bring greater violence upon them. So they simply continue to make their life and example of the way of peace, and offer their oppressors an awareness of the significance of their acts, in the hope that they too, will see the advantage of restoring peace with Heaven and Earth: peace with the sources of life.

Whoever listens can only be moved to see that their offer reaches everyone responsible, the legislators and the people who elect and pay them, the corporations and the citizens of the United States. Today even our own scientists echo the warning of the ancient people, that our lives are indeed in a very shaky balance. But as we see congress begin to heed a few of these warnings, the prospect becomes exciting.

The stakes are high, and there is little doubt as to our choice. As their messengers say, "We must all correct ourselves and our leaders, while there is still time." If we fail to peacefully equalize the injustice toward man and nature brought about through our technology and government, balance will return violently, through war and natural catastrophe. The whole earth will be purified.

The order of events has long been known to the followers of the Great Spirit. The pattern is simple, and may be understood by a scientist, a congressman, or a school child.

But today the very costly and oppressive police-machine that is used to control the lives of these people is becoming more deeply entrenched that ever. Every attempt is made to erase the authority of their actual leaders and to protect those who reap immense financial profit while doing great damage to the earth and her guardians. Most of this takes place under a veil of corporate secrecy, political double-talk, and genial silence. The first people go unheard.

If we fail to lift the veil and face the facts, we know the consequences. But better than that, we see no reason to refuse the long, happy, fruitful life which the Great Spirit promised to all who are willing to live in his way. We want to let their message be heard where it is needed most.

Will you help spread the word? Will you contribute your efforts or resources to deliver this message?



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