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This site is dedicated to the late and great Chief Dan Evehema

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The Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing
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Message From Hopi Elders

Certain events show us that our prophecies are fulfilling. Consider starvation. Now most people buy their food in supermarkets. Our elders saw this coming. If there should be a serious drought the stores will be empty. We can't depend on them. So long as we raise our own food and store it up, we will be able to get through hard times. We must never forget why we pray for rain. Maasaw entrusted the land to us. We should follow his humble example, and live only with a planting stick and seeds.

The the land will provide all we need. Maasaw knew our ambition for wealth and power. So he told us, "If you don't forget to live by my law, you will reach the goal of a Hopi life. Care for the land, and it will care for you. Then you will reach me at the end of your path. After that I will lead you. For I am the first, and I shall be the last." In saying this, he places all humanity between and within himself.

We have a Hopi life plan petroglyph. It tells us that we came through a reed from the underworld. Maasaw entrusted us with the land, which we spiritually rooted and claimed through our migrations. Two paths reveal the choice we would face. The figures above follow materialistic values.

Their path ends abruptly in confusion and horror. But on the path below stands a bent figure, meaning joy in old age, or a long, happy life. If we are led by selfish motives, we will lose the land and our life as well then we are Not-Hopi. The three circles on the lower path stand for three world-shaking events, which will purify the world. Only people who live by the original law will be recognized, and pass through this purification.


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