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Opportunity or Armageddon?

Greetings Friends and Relations,

Positive and Negative polarities make up our world and we all have free choice as to whether to Balance them for the highest good and spiritual attainments or not.  WE as the Human family have the opportunity to bring these fragments into balance. I believe many of us in the Earth Rainbow Network are here to do just that at this special time in earth history. Remembering even our best loved photographs have a Negative.

The view of "Armageddon" is quite strange to me, except as a "wake - up call"  to make conscious our decisions with regard to the Natural and Spiritual world. And the manor we treat each other and the environment with or without respect. I am agreeing that sometimes "Fear"  motivates us to change. Sensing dangers with our instinctual behaviors motivates action that the human being would normally ignore or lulled to sleep by advertisements.

Like the household pet laying on the porch with a dull nail poking it in the side... Every time the dog moves it  moans and groans, but doesn't move. Once re adjusted on the nail he is comfortable with the dull ache. When one asked the pet why didn't you get up and move? He says, well it just didn't hurt bad enough. I think we humans are somewhat like this, too.

I also do not do not believe we are powerless over these forces whom presume to own the world.All things are possible with prayers and humble service to others and Mother Earth. We can, will and Do change lives and open hearts with the myriad of programs and talents available through each of these organizations dedicated for Peace and Unity. It an honor to be among you.

The Hopi tell us we all have good rules to go by Instructions, Warnings and Prophecy in every Spiritual Tradition. Only problem seems to be to few are following them. They remind us it is WE human beings create / CO-Create our own reality with our actions, deeds, dreams, thoughts and prayers and this physical world. We can make a change and stop all our moaning and GROW.

"Each person is born with a purpose and what we need to know in life is how to go about finding that purpose. What matters in life is your willingness to accept your purpose, what ever it might be." Keewaydinoquay, Woman of the Northwest Wind Ojibway Elder, Crane Clan, Leland Michigan.

May we all live our Purpose, "Together with all nations we hold this world in Balance"


Katherine Cheshire
Founder, Executive Director,
Touch the Earth Foundation


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