Učenie Hopiov - Tanec v oblakoch

Táto stránka je venovaná poslednému a veľkému náčelníkovi Danovi Evehema

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Učenie Hopiov - Tanec v oblakoch
Staršie príspevky

Staršie príspevky

This version of the website is my humble gift to all Hopis
Martin Sereday
08.09.07 - 20:43:25

It was a honor and a pleasure for me to be allowed to translate this website into my native language (Slovak) and to make this modified version of it. Nothing can express my experience of meeting these beautiful people in their old villages. Pic.:Spis Castle in the night - from my balcony

Child of Prophecy
ancient ward vall clown
17.09.07 - 10:09:08

From the east, even as the lightening flashes through the sky to the west, so shall the coming of the 'Son of Man' be...and so came I.
your humble servant,
ancient clown

05.03.08 - 19:36:39

I was surfing around looking for some information about the Hopis when I found this site, it's very nice! I'm interested because I believe my people have a lot in common with the Native Americans.
I am what they call in Sweden, a "swedish indian". My origin is from the indigenous people of Sweden, the Sami people. Some say we are related to Inuits, but I don't know if that's true. We call ourselves “Sápmelas” in our own language, which means “People”. Today we are a minority group and there aren’t many left who can speak the language (including myself, I don’t speak so well but I understand) and we are trying to keep the remains of our traditions and culture alive.
About 50-60 years ago we still lived in a sort of tipis (they look almost the same as tipis) and we were nomad people. Our living has been reindeer husbandry for many centuries’s and still is for some, but it’s a hard living. The Samis and the government are divided about the pasture and other rights we need for that kind of living, and I’m sorry to say it won’t last for much longer. It’s not just a question of living, it’s also a huge part of our culture.
Samis are a peaceful people and have never been warriors, we did not even have a word for “war” in the old days. But like many Native Americans and other minority groups we were haunted down, discriminated and our land was stolen by the government.
In the 1600 and 1700 centuries the Christians tried to force us to abandon our own religion, culture and traditions for Christianity, and the government wanted to take our land. The shaman’s was threatened or killed, and the children were taken away from their families to learn and become true Christians.
Well, the mission did succeed at last, but some of the Samis were still practicing their old religion and traditions behind closed doors. Today our old religion is gone, most of us are Christians. We have lost very much area and many people was forced to move away and try to make a new living, and the loss has caused great competition and problems for the Samis, there is not enough reindeer husbandry region for all. This is still a big problem and it's growing.
All this started for a long time ago and we still have to deal with the consequences, but the Sami people have never forgotten who they are...
Well, thank's for a good site, I will visit it again! Keep the good spirit! :-)

Mr Dancemaker
Mr Dancemaker
20.01.09 - 16:01:15

In memory of the great Third Mesa grandfathers – Dan, David, Thomas, and Fat Jack – whose lives were ground to dust by a people who did not understand, I offer a prayer of thanksgiving and know that they hold honored spots at the table in the Flowered House. :-)

tim dellara
15.06.09 - 06:07:47

no photo - visited 2nd and 3rd mesa in march 09 - struck by the humaness and graciousness of the hopi. have read many articles since and am continually impressed by the tenacity of the people. just not sure how to be of help!

Blessings from the Atlantic coast of Canada
Jane Moody
30.06.09 - 13:47:38

Greetings from the Atlantic edge of the continent! Before I move inland, I want you to have a connection to this sacred piece of land that I was led to. The island you see in the picture has many First People spirits on it that kept me going in difficult times. My mother in law grew up near the Taos Pueblo and spent most of her childhood on her pony in the hills. Just sending many blessings and deep thanks for staying true to the earth and clear and strong through all your trials. We are so indebted to your wisdom and integrity. Thank you.

11.08.09 - 00:30:20

In honor of the words of Truth. It has been 10 years since a beautiful honorable soul walked his sacred line of corn to Taalawsohu. Itatam, "NUN".

They came from the west...
14.08.09 - 06:06:49

In the old stories it is told that the first Hopi came from the west, at the coast of the ocean. Does this petroglyph panel record that history? The people had the "corn plant" as in the panel. In the panel, the boat comes from the right (west). Many questions...

Do you know this symbol?
02.09.09 - 10:10:37

I have got this picture from one of the visitors of this webpage. She would like to know what does this symbol represent. Does anybody know the answer?

Katsinam Ceremonial feathers
Gillian Earnastine Gamble
03.12.09 - 11:54:27

This is my humble thanks to the hopi and our great ancestors and mother earth for giving me this gift . (askwali) Thank you .

Katsina Ceremonial feather and mother earth.
Gillian Gamble
03.12.09 - 12:02:57

(askwali) to the hopi for the gift and Insperation and giudedance.

Tom Nellessen
16.01.11 - 00:18:02

May the creator light your path and wisdom move your feet on this path..

Angela Thomas
10.08.11 - 09:38:35

I have taken this picture on August 09, 2011, notice The Sun Solar Flare and notice in the upper right hand corner, Planet Nibiru is behind the Sun. I have taken several Pictues and this one is interesting as well with its Halos. I just wanted to share these with everyone. I stumbled on to this sight, because I am a Spiritual Healer and was born with a gift og Prohecies from my mother and my Great Grandfather. We have many nationalities inbreded in us, Black Foot, Chaktaw indian, and I found that our family goes back to 6 bc and we are also from the Medertarianian of River Valley of Dieties. I have had many Visions, and my sister friend has been searching for any more information on the Hopis. I have been studdying , Researching, all Prophecies, and reading the Bible and have been following and paying attention to all world events, especially of all the Disasters. I will continue to follow your readings, for now the time is very short. I love the site keep the Great Spirit within us all. Thanj you.

Stephen Quinto
25.09.11 - 08:45:33

Hopi is here too the remote river valley. We are making a Nature Preserve that is all the more because it is inspired by the Elders such as Chief Dan, Thomas et al. We have managed to pursue this sacred course because it is as true as an arrow. So we have also become Hopi, we too are ....peaceful people. And we greet all of you with loving blessings. Visit us at - and drop a note

Janice Moses
05.04.12 - 09:23:39

I have been trying to contact Katherine, any help would be nice. Thank you
Janice Moses

08.04.12 - 15:58:13

Wishing many blessings for all who believe and take the time to appreciate the earth and all the mother has given us. Many blessing to the Hopi in 2012 and beyond, may the year bring you all you expect.

Jack Lamberson
17.07.12 - 01:41:58

I have just finished the Hopi Servival Kit and loved it and have order the Hotevilla book. does anyone know if Thomas Mails finished the workbook he was doing? Also Has he passed? I would like to become active member of this cause and learn as much as possible about the instructions and warnings. Please let me know if I can fit in and doing anything to help. I have always felt a closeness to the American Natives for some reason. I am 64 now and retired so have time to become envolved now.
Thanks everyone and I do pray for the elders and traditionalists of the Hopi tribe. Jack Lamberson, 1773 North 500 East, Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933

Stephen Quinto
26.12.12 - 05:25:28

The Time is Now..... We are the ones we have been waiting for.... And so we come to share Blessings with our Brethren everywhere. Let us birth this new world together. amen.

New Love, New Earth
21.02.13 - 22:08:35

Thank you all for your prayers and support,
I expect 13-13-13 was a surprise to some but here we are. the same.
We need your prayers for peace more than ever. Your compassion to one
an other more and more as the changes proceed. Those whom have blessed with abundance must not learn to share for the highest good of all humanity. How can you forget this is a "earth school" and we will be asked about our decisions. Did they come from love and compassion? Did they come from greed and self worth? Did they come with a loving heart and pleasing eyes on the world of innocent and beauty? Look, look deeply into your hear. Your Answer is there now where else.
We can show you the corn meal and tobacco trail or the one of the mustard seed, silk willow or sinew, and others. But of today, you must stop your searching and turn to become who you are. school is dis-missed. Now its time for "graduate school" and that means doing!
As they say in Tibet, "Before Enlightenment, Chop Wood Carry Water". After Enlightenment, Chop, Wood, Carry MORE Water:
With greatest love and appreciation, Blessings and Balance, In peace, In service to the Holy Ancestors.


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