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Fulfilled Prophecies

So it was predicted by the prophets of this land of the free: That one day we would encounter the presence of people of other races with ways different form our own. They would erect their own kingdom upon our land, they will pose as good hearted. Their words will be charming and they will multiply like ants. We must not be deceived by them for the vines of their kingdom will spread throughout the land diluting and devouring everything that gets in its way. We must be cautions and not covet or adopt any of their ways, for it will forever be a curse upon our Nation.

The beginning of the new age of the prophecies of tomorrow have begun to unfold before our eyes. It was said, among Bahanna and the people with the Cross will appear on our land. They will be kind and helpful with good hearts. Beware, for they will be the instruments of the Bahanna's kingdom who will seduce you into forsaking the laws of our Great Creator (God). The wicked of our people will join their flock to clear their sins, but it will be in vain.

The new government order will be established on our land, our own people with short hair will take positions in this government disguised as the ear and mouth for our Nation. They will also be the tools influenced by the Bahanna's kingdom. They will, together with the Cross, help fulfill the desire of the Bahanna to take over our land by diluting and dissolving our beliefs and traditional culture. The Hopiland will be their last target, the test of survival for the Natives of these land is staged in HOPILAND If we weaken and fall, the extermination will be completed by the Bahanna's kingdom.

Perhaps there is still time for this land to live under the laws of the Great Spirit and our Great Creator (God). These are the things we desire. We are very sad for our life of today, it is heading down the direction you have created for us, the tide is gathering and the high tide which seeps us away may not be far off.

We are satisfied with the order of our Great Creator, whose light does not blind us and does not lead us into confusion. Instead His light brightens the road, so that we can absorb its great wisdom and live like humans. Others are destroying our world by their inventions. They are blinded to such a extent that they do not even know their own origin. Perhaps there is still time for this land to live under the laws of the Great Spirit and our Creator.

We, the Hopi, have a prophecy which foretold that one day a house built of mica (the United Nations) would appear on the eastern shore of our land. There the Hopi would visit the great world leaders within. The Hopi delegation would bring forth a message of their dangerous situations, that their way of life is threatened and may be demolished by lingering foreign encroachment. Four attempts must be made to reach these world leaders for this will be the test of the prophecy. At the end of that time if the door fails to open they were to through their case behind them, toward the setting sun.

Perhaps some people will accept this as the final act in fulfilling the prophecy. The fact is that according to our elders fulfillment can be final if it is done according to the guidelines of the prophecy. Leaders in the House of Mica are supposed to recognize the Hopi as a living people endowed with all the human rights and equality with all mankind. They are supposed to receive and greet the Hopi with an open door. What the Hopi say will hinge on divine laws and instructions for the future.

Just what are the Hopi prophetic instructions regarding the United Nations?

Please understand the common misconception. The Hopi are not charged with just another appeal for peace, nor do they request membership in the United Nations. One more voice added to the course of those calling for peace would add little compared to the true significance of what Hopi traditional has to offer the modern world through this calmer..... The communication effort of the Hopi and the developments that led to the existence of the United Nations are parallel responses to the invention of the Atomic Bomb. From the Hopi perspective these tow efforts ought to enhance each other for the benefit of the entire world.

Two monumental cultural factors have prevented the European immigrants from recognizing this process of widespread unification. The presumption of racial superiority and the need to conquer and convert. Also a recent tendency to discredit all knowledge which does not stand the test of scientific thought.

The Hopi insist that the coming of the light-skinned race, the invention of the atomic bomb and the developments of the UN are anticipated by their ancestral prophetic instructions to be fulfilled by the HOPI they must make four attempts to gain a genuine hearing.

The basic premise is that humans can not simply make their own laws and enforce them with weapons without regard to Natural order and Natural Law.

The Hopi simply call out to a return to our common heritage before it is too late. "Perfect Considerations" could eliminate all war These difficulties can be overcome. To many. there is saving grace in the pieces of the broken vessel of the Hopi culture, in the remaining few Elders who still refuse to abandon their traditions, their understandings and their hops for a truly peaceful world for now and generations to come. In them lies a great hope for peace*****

The Hopi also have been given a duty to warn the leaders and people of coming danger. Also Hopi were to express their suffering, their sorrows of experiences, at the hands of stronger powers. When the A-bomb was dropped on Japan the Hopi were prompted to warn the world leaders in the UN about the advanced destructive technology, about the danger to land and life.

We received no positive response from world leaders. Our experience in the Geneva hearings is that activities there are political and are not based on the principles of spiritual laws. We find that aggressive, violent activities are given top attention. Look to the Persian Gulf, Bosnia the Middle East.

There fore we have come to the conclusion that world peace is becoming hopeless. During this time we received no response from official members of the UN. Since this situation lies within the guidelines Hopi received from Massaw, we gave this our careful attention. We completed four trips there to speak to the General Assembly, All Failures. On reaching this point we become aware there is little hope we will ever fulfill the prophecy concerning the UN>>>>>So the religious leaders decided that what they have to do to fulfill the prophecy, actually the final instruction, is to throw their case behind them and release information to the True Hearts of the World. Hopefully these actions will help us in reaching our goal. From here on the Hopi will rely on three people behind them, the Creator and natural forces. One of these could complete the purification according to His plan.

Before the Hopi migrations began, Maasaw let it be known that whoever would find him first would be the leader there at Oraibi, which became the Mother village for the other villages established later on Third Mesa.

One day Hopi will encounter people of other races with ways that are different than the Hopis' : They will erect their own kingdom on Hopiland. They will multiply like ants.

A prophecy told of a bear sleeping somewhere in the northern part of what is now called Europe, who would awaken at a certain time and walk to the northern part of this country, where he would wait. Later the Bear Clan (who found the bear) took over from the Bow Clan of the Hopi at Oraibi, because the Bow Clan chief of the past had contaminated his standing by taking part in the changing of the life pattern.

Human beings have many evil ambitions in their hearts that they will pursue throughout their lives.

  • There will be roads in the sky.
  • There will be moving houses of iron.
  • There will be horseless carriages.
  • Men will have the ability to speak through cobwebs.
  • Men will have the ability to speak through space.
  • Men's clothing will be taken over by women.
  • Women's skirts will be raised above the knee, devaluing the sacred body of the female, indicating that many things will be devalued from the original.

One day a strange people will appear in our midst, people who create man in their own image. Once given his language and knowledge, our own people will become the instruments by which he will try to rule over us and carve the rest of us into his image. Our own people will become his tools, and he will make certain they do a good job.

If we remain strong and firmly rooted, we will not be reshaped, whereas others will slump because they are rootless. So when the tests come we must possess the strength to preserve ourselves. Each race will create a different system to go by once their leadership becomes distorted by mistakes or destructive ways. As time goes by, for self-gain people will struggle for power to rule.

Through the inspiration and the forewarning of the Great Spirit, man could foretell events centuries in advance, and therefore know that one day strange people would come ashore to take over the land of the free. Long before Bahanna (white man) came upon our land, when Maasaw still walked among us, he gave the Hopi special knowledge. He gave us instructions and prophecies indicating that along the way many things would come to pass. Then He pointed out a path, a way to travel, that was like a narrow edge of a knife.Along the way, he said, we would face many evil obstacles, obstacles which would lessen our spiritual energies and the will to go on, causing us to stray off the path. But, if we reached the end of the path without weakening, we would be rewarded with a good, peaceful and everlasting life. Then Maasaw would be our leader for He is the first and will be the Last. This is the path our village, Hotevilla, the last remnant of traditional Hopi, has chosen to follow to this day.

It was foretold that Bahanna would have all the tools necessary to protect our right to the exclusive use of Hopiland for those who wish to live the Great Spiritual Laws without interference. But it was also prophesied that this person of White skin who would come among us might gather us under his wings, feed us and take care of us like a mother hen, only because he sees something underneath us which he wants to get. Then when we grow big enough to suit his purpose, he would adopt us into his fold, and thereafter we would support him as his servants.

It was foretold that one day, if we are fortunate, we will meet up with another race of people of peace who will respectfully request the use of the land, and who will except our rules concerning the land without question. But if we are unfortunate, we will meet up with the wrong people. We will encounter many pitfalls, and once we are caught in this we will be cursed forever. Hopi prophecies foretold that one day Hopi children with short hair or bald heads would be the ears and mouth for the elders, and in time become the leaders. So the Hopi Tribal Council was formed according to prophecies.


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