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This site is dedicated to the late and great Chief Dan Evehema

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The Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing
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Ark of Prophecy

Are the Hopi prophecies more reliable than those given by other prophets? We have reasons to believe they are. To begin with, there track record to date is perfect. Some people like the fact that they fit the nature of the same God we meet in the Bible and other Holy Text the world over. Others like the Hopi Elders commonsense approach to life and its challenges. However, the Gospel predictions of the end times in other Holy text are much like those of the Hopi, except by comparison they are brief and not as in-depth or personal as our Native Prophecies. We believe many people would like to know what to do personally at this special time in history.

Especially for you now, with the blessings and instructions of the Hopi Spiritual Leaders, we are giving you the introduction to the Hopi prophecies, and the instructions and warnings that were also given at Oraibi over 1,100 years ago. It is the Elders prayer and wishes, you will find this to be a journey of awakening. When you finish reading these pages you will know which prophecies are related to you and yours.

Knowing the challenges involved, you will have your own set of instructions and warnings to guide, protect and sustain you. With these in hand you can climb aboard the HOPI ARK and let the rain of peace and purification come in to the heart of human kind and Peace on Earth be as ONE with the Holy Ancestors. The elders remind us "Together with all Nations we Hold this World in Balance" ***** will you take our hands for the great work of Peace which lies ahead of us all????

Perhaps there is still time for this land to live under the laws of the Great Spirit and our Great Creator (God). These are the things we pray for and desire. We are very sad for our life of today, it is heading down the direction persons of modern authority have created for us, the tide is gathering and the high tide which sweeps us away may not be far off. We wish to present here the Hopi Spiritual Truths in our humble Hopi Way passed on from the Dawn of time father to son mother to daughter. Priest to Priest, Holy Ones to Holy Ones have spoken in these truths from the beginnings.

The Old Ones tell us the best things in life can not be shared, only be experienced, the second and third best can be shown and realized. The fourth is our verbal communication. So here we stand with the humble and lowly fifth way of communication of the Truth of the Hopi Spiritual Elders, we hope it inspires you to learn something of the first 4 ways.

The prophecies that follow are organized into a time sequence, and into three categories:

  • Those that have been fulfilled
  • Those in the process of being fulfilled
  • Those yet to be fulfilled

We will put these together with the signs the Hopis watch for that tell them when something important is about to happen. We thank you for taking the time to read our Sacred Truths. We send you our prayers and blessings.


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