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The Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing
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Ark's Warnings

Maasaw told the Hopi to be alert and watchful, and he named specific things they should do to protect themselves. As we consider these wise specifics, we will see that they are cautions that we should exercise too.

Below are warnings given to the Hopi with bold headings, and what the Elders have to say in quotations. These come from the Techqua Ikachi newsletters. These warnings given to the Hopi are summed up in the famous Road Plan of the stone tablets. When we recognize that the stone writings consist of information the Hopi received nearly a thousand years ago, we have no options but to admit they are astounding in what they reveal.

Make Careful Choices:

"Make careful Choices: When new opportunities are introduced and new advantages come, be cautious and accept the least harmful things. Choose which path you will follow -- the materialistic way or the Creator's way. Do not get careless as time passes and forget your vows to the Creator and the spiritual laws. If you do, it will be a sign you have forsaken the Great Creator."

Avoid Temptation:

"Recognize the form in which temptation comes, and how it works. Remember that there are two Maasaws, and know the characteristics of each. Temptation always wears a guise that is deceiving. It wants us to believe it is not what it actually is. This is but one aspect of its sly approach. Do not be tempted into anything that will harm your way of life, get you into trouble, or produce problems. Even though temptation is evil, desire is strong within us and hard to control. As we pass into the worlds of different ideas, temptation will weaken us. Avoiding temptation is a key to survival. If you cannot escape new changes, use them wisely. Don't let them destroy the valuable elements in your life."

"Temptation is dangerous. It can destroy. Each of the previous worlds was destroyed by temptation. It is this law that is producing the troubles and unrest throughout the world today. Anything that glitters with charm and lures one to promises and gain is temptation. It might not bring immediate harm, but it leads to slow decline and even death."

"The wisdom of Hopi tells us that we are like a string of beads, all united. As time passes people will begin to unstring themselves from this true life line. When they see or hear temptations of pleasure and gain, the beads on the string will decrease in numbers. The string will become shorter until only a few with strong wills will be left hanging onto the life line to pursue their destiny as laid out by Massau and the Great Spirit. There will be a great joy if they achieve this goal. This will purify the land to peaceful ways of life. But if they fail it will be up to the Great Creator through nature to do to us what we deserve."

Avoid Pitfalls:

"Avoid Pitfalls: We often step into these very traps because we thing they will improve our lives. On the contrary, they can drain our mind and strength. Deceit is common among world leaders. Advantageous lifestyles often lead us astray. Modern concepts will not help balance the natural order on earth and in the universe. Pitfalls are experiences that teach us facts of life, such as that life is not always a path of roses."

Listen To Your Elders:

"Listen to your elders, and you will learn that Divine laws and religion are important. At one time Hopi learned wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy through their elders in order to live wisely. It is a pity in these changing times, that they hear no more, see nor more, nor do they understand. Yet these wise teachings are the key to happiness and health."

"The Hopi tribe, both progressive and traditionals, are now entering the most critical period of their long history on the land. It is time now for each village the Hopi people must recall and reflect on the prophecies handed down from our elders which are the instructions, guidelines and historical bases for this period of time."

Be Self-Sufficient:

"Be Self-sufficient so that you are not dependent upon others for survival. Don't rely on supermarkets for food and don't be entirely dependent on wages. What will happen to you if some day the White man's worl collapses?"

Prepare In Advance:

"Take time to review what has happened to you and try to predict what might happen during the coming year. Once you have done this, ask yourself how you will handle each thing that does occur. The ancient Native Americans followed a ritual calendar that forced them to think ahead and prepare in advance, so that they would not be caught unprepared. If you examine the Hopi ceremonial and subsistence cycles, you will see that they follow a progression of steps that help them prepare in advance. While they are doing this, they pray for guidance to the Creator, Maasaw, Mother Earth, and other helper deities."

Use Ancient Teachings As A Guideline:

"We look upon our ancient teachings as a guideline used in order to avoid a downfall for our mistakes. We have lea rned that through our conduct we can accomplish good and bad deeds. The old ones say that we have gone through at least three world catastrophes and each world was destroyed by the same error in man."

Protect The Laws Of Nature And Spirit. Respect All Living Things:

"We must carry on our purpose to protect the laws of nature and spirit which is our highest priority. Other think that what they're doing is harmless. We think they are destroying the link between Nature and Man. The signs of warning are evident in many parts of the world. We all are to be blamed, for we are abusing our Mother Earth by our mindless actions and by our irresistible urge to better our way through our own inventive thinking. We have forsaken the warnings of our ancient fathers, gradually leading ourselves to ruin. We all should hang our heads in shame. What we say will pain most people, but we hope it will help them to understand themselves and reverse their ways toward better behavior for the good of lesser man and for the survival of our world for the coming generations. We have learned and believe that one cannot communicate with Nature unless your existence and behavior are in harmony with the will of the Great Spirit, that he who knows his heart will also find his way in the future."

"Bahannas think everything is wonderful under the name of ecology. They think all things such as earth and heavenly bodies will last forever, but we know we have only one sun, moon and earth. If any of these were destroyed, replacing the balance would be impossible. For years our founding father have passed the knowledge of survival from mouth to mouth to respect all living things, for we are all one and created by one. It seems we have forgotten the concept of the right way of survival. Instead we have replaced survival and its way to be gotten with defensiveness. We are going steadily downhill to ruins; we mean all men on earth. We must skid to a stop for a moment and look around. There might be an old dried-up root visible near you; get hold of it for support until you see the light."

Don't Try To Control Others:

"Trading blame drains our planet of spiritual energy and causes great harm to all land and life. Don't try to control others. The spirit dwells within all of us."

Be Satisfied With The Pattern Of Life Given To Us By Our Great Creator:

"Be satisfied with the order of our Great Creator, whose light does not blind us and does not lead us into confusion. Instead, His light brightens the road, so that we can absorb its great wisdom and live like humans. . . Perhaps there is still time for this land to live on under the laws of our Great Spirit and our Great Creator. These are the things we desire. We are very sad for our life of today; it is heading down the direction you have created for us. The tide is gathering, and the high tide which sweeps us away may not be far off."


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