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The Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing
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Current Prophecies

Prophecies Today

It was said among the white people the people with the cross will appear in our land. There would be a bad time coming for all the Native people of this land for quite some time. As foretold, the vines emerged and expanded West, North and South, causing sudden changes throughout the country. Tragic events developed causing unrest throughout the land. They have a forked tongue, two faces, and two hearts, both black and white at the same time. As their way unfolds, the Hopi see that their ancient fathers were right in their words. Human beings have many evil ambitions in their hearts that they will pursue throughout their lives.

For thousands of years we Hopi have lived in villages by a pattern established by the Great Spirit, whose teachings go all the way back to the dawn of time. All the prophecies are being fulfilled, including the period of the great trial in which the world will be engulfed by efforts to force one's will upon others. As predicted, these efforts have grown so great that mankind has reached the brink of self-destruction.

The changing of our ceremonial pattern could be a proof of our prophecy about being forgetful of nature's presence.

Great caution must be taken by the Hopi to screen out the bad from the good.

At the time of Oraibi's split, the people will remember that the remnant will again be split in two due to extreme pressures from the outside.

One day our own children may become our enemies. Schools will destroy the sacred balance of Hopi Life. They will interrupt the traditions and people will forget the instructions of Maasaw. This destruction will reach much farther than our own villages. The whole earth could go off balance.

As foretold, all of this information must come into the open a the period when we are about to be overcome by harmful elements and can step no further.

Mother villages are endowed with powers of self protection, a weapon of mysterious power. Those who defy and disturb their roots without respect will suffer great misfortune which can extend to the whole of mankind.

The White brother who traveled eastward across the great waters long ago, who was to return when he hears of our difficulties. He will deliver the sacred Hopi Stone tablets into proper worthy hands. One day our land will be taken over for development.

The dimensions in time and space will vary in accordance with the conduct of man and nature.

As we follow the pattern of life, our individual lifestyles might change, some of us might become mixed up and even fall to the opposing forces who have their materialistic advantages. But there will always be resistance from those of us who stand together and adhere to the great laws.

As authoritative leaders die out, people of bad intentions will seek out leaders with whom they can deal for their own ends. People with good intentions will also see for the right leaders to help them regain what was rightfully theirs from the beginning.

Children, and even grown-ups, will forget their language. Intermarriage with other tribes and races will deplete the identity of what we are. All these things have been foretold repeatedly by our elders, who taught us to beware that Bahanna education would lead us into pitfalls which we will never escape.

Hopi prophecy says that if in the name of progress we link ourselves with a culture not our own it will be difficult to regain what we have discarded. What happen toward the end will be the consequence of our carelessness.

As was predicted in recent years, many problems have begun to form. They said that this world come to pass when we get hooked into a lifestyle that is not ours.

Along the way, the people and the world will change. Factions will develop in Hopiland. The Hopi must search for and choose the path which will satisfy his ideal way of life.

The time will come when many of us will put material laws above the Great Spirit's laws. Yet in time of need, the wealthy, the poor, and the disbelievers will abandon those things and cry out to the Great Spirit for help.

These issues of keeping or abandoning the original Hopi Law may actually be the fulfillment of our prophecy that " one must pay, or one must not."

The prophecy foretells that Bahanna would be very persistent, and eventually might force his way upon us. But should he reconsider and correct his mistakes, he would then decide who will pay and who will not pay.

Our prophecies foretell that times will come when we will periodically recover our senses and find that some vital element is amiss. Then we will retrace our steps with fear, not bearing to look back and where we have been. So we will go forward, backward, forward and backward, our decisions uncertain. This is happening today in Hopiland, as it is happening in the rest of the world.

Just two or three righteous people will be able to fulfill this sacred mission. Even one truly righteous would be able to do it.

So time passes on, and the prophecies of our ancient people begin to unfold. Many great events lie before us, and we are witnessing with astonishment today the fact that our ancient's words were right. Live long, for there are great and exciting adventures awaiting us!!!


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